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GFM website support


Got questions? Need Advice?  

The Support team at GFM have you covered! Our web team are here to answer all your questions.


Teach a man to fish...

We strongly believe we have the best website CMS (Content Management System) in the world and offer some great training and manuals to go along with it so most things you need to do on your GFM built website will be easy and straightforward! We also understand content curation isn't your day job and sometimes you will need a little help and that's just fine, that is what we are here for. 


How can we help?

It all starts with a phone call, a quick email or better yet just click the little purple question mark at the bottom of this page detailing the challenge you are facing. 9 times out of 10 all you will need is a little advice and you will be sorted and on your way. Sometimes it's a little more complex and often times one of our team will just jump in and take care of the issue for you.


Questions are free!

We won't charge you for a phone call or an email, we want your website to be the best it can be and if that means we need to spend a few minutes chatting then that's what we will do! If the chnages you require are a bit more complex or lengthy we will always provide you with an easy to understand quote because no one likes surprise bills in their inbox. 


Talk to your web support team!

Email the GFM support team     Talk to GFM support

Our team is here for you

Here are a few words from our web clients

  • Fast and efficient ..fantastic to deal with!!

  • All I had to do was say GO and it was done!

  • MWAH - Fantastic all the way! 

  • Jordan is always so helpful and gets the jobs done so quickly. He's such a pleasure to deal with and we feel very lucky to have him looking after us and our website and shop

  • You always do such a fab job guys!! Thanks for keeping me on track :-)

  • brilliant service!!

  • Great comms and problem solved

  • All Bryan's actions were carried out as required in a timely manner with additional phone contact to confirm requirements. Much appreciated the high quality of service.

  • Awesome service, awesome crew!

  • Always ready to help. Thanks.

  • Outstanding work :-)

  • So efficient, so friendly, just awesome!

  • No question is too silly - your support is fantastic - so what I'm trying to say is you all rock!! :-)

  • Great and so fast

  • Fast turnaround, great communication - thank you.

  • Jordan was fast and efficient as per usual!

  • Great person to work with. Immensely helpful and resourceful. Very understanding.


We care what our clients think

So much so that we actually ask them to rate their experience at the end of every support case.

Currently we are running at 100% positive response rate.


98% great!

2% ok!

0% bad


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