GFM: Your Graphic Design Team

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GFM: Your Graphic Design Team.

This is where things start to get a little crazy, so buckle up, hold on tight, and close your eyes: you’re about to get on the ride of your life!

Logo Design

It’s a circus at GFM when the logo designers come out to play: there’s candy floss, flashing lights, loud music, and lately we’ve noticed a few wild animals joining us in the design room. It all gets a little crazy – and that’s only the beginning!


You’ve heard about creative-types? Well the rumours are true. And when our graphic design team get going on a new logo design, there’s no reasoning with them.


It’s a passionate affair of colour, form, function and targeted marketing which leaves our graphics team in fits of excitement and our clients slightly bewildered – but the end result? Gorgeous logo graphics that speak to your market from the first glance. Voila!

Business Cards

This is your most important branding, and trust us; your business will be judged on it.


Why risk giving the wrong impression with something so crucial? Allow our team of graphic design experts to give your business card that edge it’s been missing – from the shape and feel of the card itself through to the wording, the information and of course the all-important graphic design!


We’ll make sure that each business card you give out will continue working for your business long after it’s left your hand.




Vehicle Graphics

Branding up your vehicle is one of the smartest moves you can make for your business marketing.


As long as the vehicle itself is presentable (your 1988 ford laser might not be the best billboard) then you’re driving around in what could potentially be your easiest and cheapest marketing tool!


The GFM graphic design team are experienced in creating vehicle graphics that get you noticed – and we’re always keen to experiment with new ideas that push the boundaries!

Flyers and Brochures

When that customer walks out of your door, don’t let them leave empty handed. Whether it’s a simple well-designed promotional flyer or a brochure of your services, The power of promotional printed material is in its ability to stay physically present in bags, briefcases, desk drawers and folders.


Your brochure could pop up in someone’s desk long after they’ve left your office, and who knows? They might be ready to take another look at your offerings.


Our GFM design team know how to create flyers and brochures that deliver information with impact; getting your message across in a punchy, fast, eye-catching format, designed to stick around long after the coffee’s gone cold.

Case Studies

Proudly presenting some of our latest projects...




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