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Step through our doors and meet your new team!

From the moment you contact us, we consider ourselves part of your team.
It doesn’t matter whether you’re calling for advice, dropping in for a chat, or simply emailing us to learn about our services, we’re just happy you’ve made contact! The way we see it, when someone walks into our lives, they’re extending their interest and trust in us – and that makes us sit up and take notice. It doesn’t matter how big or small your business is, for us, it’s all about you.



Because with GFM, you’re not hiring the services of a company, you’re talking to a team of people who are genuinely passionate about what they do. We’re not about the bottom-line, we’re about brand passion, originality, buzz and excitement! We’re the team who cheer you on when your page ranks first on Google, we’re the team who’ll be there for your last minute urgent brand message changes. We’ll be beside you when business slows down, working hard to pull you back up again, and we’ll celebrate with you when your sales increase – as we know they’ll be sure to do.

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So what can you expect when you walk through our doors?


A smile

You’ll be greeted by happy people who love their work – of course you’ll find a smile waiting for you! Our creatives work in a supportive, vibrant, positive workspace that runs on laughter and happiness. We thrive under pressure and we reward originality, success, and free thinking. Who wouldn’t love it here!

A cup of coffee

Or tea. We’ve brought some great herbals in lately! Seriously. Relax and take a load off – running a business is stressful, we know all about it. You won’t be rushed here, and you won’t be under pressure.

A relaxed chat with our Director, or our Project Manager

We won’t pass you on to a junior staff member with 2 week’s experience. We value you, and the best way to show that is to give you our best people right from the word go. GO!

A feeling of relief

Quickly followed by a feeling of hope, then excitement, then absolute joy! This is what we do, and we do it really, really well. When you place your brand in our hands, you’re doing the best thing you’ve ever done for your business. Trust us, we know what we’re talking about.

Of course, there’s a flip side to every coin, and of course there are a few key things that won’t happen here at GFM. We thought we’d better let you know before you find out from anyone else. No one likes second hand news, after all.

What won’t happen when you visit GFM?

We won’t tell you what you want to hear

Yeah that’s not happening. We’re not nodders, yes’ers or whatever you say’ers. We won’t conform, and we won’t sugar coat the bad news either. If your website is not working for you, we’ll tell you why and we’ll tell you fast – because every day you leave a broken website in cyberspace it’s doing more damage than good. We’ll also tell you if your logo design is giving out the wrong message, if your social media is damaging your image, or if your brand is simply not aligned with your target market. We tell it like it is, so that you know where you stand. Then, we fix it.

We won’t charge you for a chat

Or a coffee, or an idea. We’ll tell you exactly what our pricing structure is so that there will be no nasty surprises for anyone at the end of the day. We want you to keep coming back – and as cheesy as it sounds, many of our clients are actually some of our closest friends! We work in a creative industry, and our passion isn’t always on the clock. But when it is, we’ll let you know, so that we can all go out and grab a beer when the job is done. Easy.

We won’t steal

Our momma’s raised us right. That new logo we just created for you? It’s original. That website layout and design? No one else has anything quite like it. The branded bag? The branded pens? The funky coffee mugs, USB sticks, umbrellas and notepads? We ordered them, designed them up and packaged them thinking only of your business the entire time. Oh – and your social media account? Well, those posts were written by real people who took the time to get to know your market and your services. We don’t use computer-generated content, and we DON’T reuse graphics.

So, what are you waiting for?

Come on in and meet your new team!

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