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GFM Promotional Video

Make your business the STAR with a GFM promotional video!

If you’ve ever wanted to reach more people online faster and more effectively, then a promotional video is the answer you’ve been looking for!


Why promote your services or products via video? The answer is easy: people love people. We have such a reliance on web-based services and products these days, that the entire online experience runs the risk of becoming very impersonal.


You’ll notice that people LOVE watching videos online – videos of products being tested, videos of people trying new gear or equipment, videos of people fixing problems, and videos of people explaining new products. It’s a human connection that people crave; and it works.


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Don’t handy-cam. Please.

People LOVE innovation!

Build up a video library

Let’s be clear here. People do love watching videos, it’s true. However, they also like sharing terrible videos – videos made by people who don’t know how to make videos.


Don’t become a negative-share statistic, capture your market’s attention with a well-made, steady-shot, neutral-lit, perfectly staged masterpiece: in fact, just let our team take care of it for you!

You know those connections we were talking about earlier? Well it works both ways – if your video comes across as being unfriendly, too business-like, elitist or just plain old boring, then it won’t work for you. What people love is a sense of excitement, happiness, personality, and interest!


They’ll be watching this video to learn more about something: so here at GFM, we focus on making your promotional video as interesting and fun as possible, adding music, graphics, and fancy effects (really fancy) to capture interest and get people sharing!


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Your GFM promotional video will remain visible online forever. This is advertising that will never be crumpled up and thrown in the bin – once it’s online, it’s always online!


We make sure the optimisation of your video is perfectly tuned to your audience, and we do recommend adding your promotional videos to your website, creating a gallery of customer-focused communications that will continue to bring in new views for years to come.