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If your website isn’t responsive, you’re doing it wrong!

It’s as simple as that – if your target audience can’t easily navigate through your website while they’re out meeting their friends, buying their self-tanner or sitting at a restaurant, then you’re missing about 98% of your market. By the end of 2013, the number of internet-accessing desktop users had been well and truly surpassed by the number of mobile phone web surfers. Responsive design is no longer an optional extra, it’s the lifeblood of your online business.


With so many different ways of accessing the internet, a website needs to have impact and be functional across a wide variety of platforms and screen sizes, from smart phones to tablets and hybrid platforms. Luckily, here at GFM we’ve made it our business to keep on top of the latest trends: for instance, we know that in 2015, your normal every day kind of adult spent an average of 2.8 hours browsing the internet on the mobile phone per day. Per day!


It's not just us, Google agrees.

Google themselves understand better than most the growing trend of mobile dominance and are taking a pretty blunt approach. You have probably noticed when searching from your mobile device that results pages now have a "Mobile-Friendly" tag right there in the search results letting you know if a site is mobile friendly or not. But did you know that since April 2015 Google has been giving out higher rankings to mobile friendly websites?

Find out right now if your site is mobile friendly by heading over to Google's testing tool.


The bottom line is pretty clear – if your website isn’t responsive, then it’s not reaching a heck of a lot of your audience.


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Make sure your website is mobile responsive!

Mobile Responsive means that your site looks great across all devices

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Google have an excellent online checker to see if your site is mobile responsive try it out today and make sure your sites up with the play.

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