The GFM Story

The GFM Story

It all started long ago, in a land not far from here…

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Like all good fairy tales, the GFM story begins with a problem.

A problem that inspired one determined entrepreneur to search the lands for a magical team of likeminded creatives, calling for talented website designers, graphic designers, web developers and marketing gurus to come from far and wide to aid her in her quest. Under her leadership, this team of fearless individuals followed her into unknown lands, fighting their way through to a place where businesses could finally receive the help they needed and the expertise they deserved.

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What was this problem you ask?

A need for a total branding solution across every online platform, a company who could brand specialised products and who would not only advise on how to do things – but would show the best way to do things! Yes, this was the problem, and in the face of complete despair, Sara led her team of independent creatives into the light of a new dawn.

get to know the GFM team! Four people working as a team

And so began Go Forward Marketing.

So that’s the story of how GFM came to be – and our problem-solving addiction continues to lead us on new adventures every day of the year. Wherever we see a business in need, the GFM team are there to make sure your website is original, your branding is unique and effective, and your marketing reaches your target audience.  

Our Commitment is to your Success


Tired of waiting for your website designer to meet with your graphic designer? For your copywriter to contact your branding team? For your developer to… do whatever it is that developers do? (Sorry Jordan, you know we love you). Well, that’s us in a nutshell. We’ll manage every aspect of your branding and online marketing, giving you more control, more continuity, and much, much more impact!

We’re here, we’re ready to go!
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