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Everyone loves shopping. The thrill of a bargain, the hype of a sale, the buzz of the buy. There’s only one thing that could possibly make it better; doing it with complete freedom! The advent of ecommerce has changed the face of shopping forever. Your customers now browse ecommerce stores for entertainment, not need. They purchase at the touch of a button, influenced by online marketing, direct remarketing, email newsletters and, of course, social media.


Get your online business booming with GFM’s experienced online commerce team! When it comes to creating your online shop, you have to be sure your website designers know their stuff. From optimising your products through to creating a frictionless online buying experience, GFM have the expertise and the experience to make it happen; and our designers will take the time to understand your unique sales point before they design your site. We’re also well aware of the major pitfalls of online shopping sites – we know where it can all go wrong, and this is why your online shop is in safe hands with GFM.


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blue high heeled shoes

Unexpected costs

Miss Smith is all set to purchase those electric blue heels. She’s navigated to the right area, found her size easily, and is in the process of checking out with her purchase. Unfortunately, Miss Smith had no idea that your business would add a 5% surcharge for the use of her particular credit card. Nor did she realise that delivery to her area would cost another $10. She’s pretty annoyed at these extra costs; and, leaving her virtual shopping cart abandoned in the virtual aisle, makes her way to the virtual exit. Goodbye Miss Smith.


black fishing rod

It’s just too hard!

Mr Green on the other hand, has a fancy fishing rod in his cart that he’s super keen to use this weekend. It’s Monday, (which, according to the latest statistics, is one hot online shopping day) so he figures he’s got plenty of time to have it delivered before the big trip. He’s chosen the rod, the tackle, and even indulged in a couple of extra treats for himself from the soft bait selection. He’s excited, he’s impatient, and he’s ready to pay! Needless to say, when he discovers that he’ll need to join a mailing list, enter his age and favourite fishing tips, and refer three of his friends before he can make his purchase, he’s more than a little annoyed. Goodbye Mr Green.

It’s all about creating that frictionless buying experience – and here at GFM we know how to provide the easiest online shopping experience your customers will ever have experienced.


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