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A website without great written content, is like a café without coffee!

So you have an amazing website. It’s responsive, all of the coding is well-optimised, and the ecommerce functionality is out of this world. Congratulations! You’re half way there!


Having a fantastically designed, fully functional website is all well and good – but without original, targeted content, your website is likely to fall flat on it’s face.


Google loves fresh content!

When you need something, where do you go? Google. When you have a problem, who do you ask? Google. When you’re lost, who helps you out? Google. Our everyday reliance on search engine recognition is undeniable, and the best way to be found online for your particular service or product comes down to one key feature: your content.


Everything we do here at GFM revolves around your website or brand being noticed by Google – and the most reliable way for your website to be found is through having targeted, original content. Like this.


It’s fresh, it’s original, and it WILL get you noticed.

One of the first questions we’ll ask you here at GFM (other than how you like your coffee) is whether you have your own content writer, or whether you’d like to use one of ours. We recognise the value of professionally-created content: a professional website content creator will paint your customers an SEO picture they’ll never forget.


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Why is content writing so important?

Well, there are a few reasons. Let’s take a quick look:

plagiarism. hand holding pen drawing a red cross across the word plagiarism

Plagiarism = Google penalty

It’s true. Google does not appreciate plagiarism – it could cost you your shot at ranking on the first page of Google searches, and could even prompt Google to blacklist your website – and coming back from that is no easy task!


content is king black pen

No SEO? Invisible website!

Website content is crafted with SEO terms in mind from start to finish. When your content writer creates website content, they will already have a list of dedicated key phrases for each page – this is then used to create the optimised content for your site.


person drawing their website design project in a grid

The shape, the feel, the design

Your content writer will also be responsible for keeping in close contact with your designer to ensure the form and the function of your website are in sync. This is an important aspect of content creation, as having a bright funky website design with dry, professional content just won’t work.


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