GFM Promotional Products - Brand it, Gift it, Love it!

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GFM Promotional Products - Brand it, Gift it, Love it!

Do you love your clients? Of course you do! Do you love your brand? Absolutely! How would you like to see your clients carrying promotional products with your brand where ever they go – to meetings, to events, even to family gatherings? GFM can make it happen!


Show me the love

Having a constant, visible presence is integral to brand recognition and customer retention. You probably think your clients are so loyal that they’d never even consider leaving you for another company – right? Unfortunately, research has shown that catching your client’s eye at the moment they need your service or product is 80% of the battle won. What this means is that while loyalty will get you so far, brand positioning will clinch the deal – and if your competitor happens to have highly visible branding right when your client is looking… well, game over.


All is not lost however! Here at GFM, our branding and promotional product team are experts on brand positioning and corporate gifts; and some of the ideas they come up with are truly unique. There’s a real art form to combining a brand with promotional gear, and there are more than a few aspects to consider before taking the leap: every business is different, so it follows that the way each business advertises to their clients should be different too!


Yes, you could brand pens

And we love branding pens. They’re functional, they’re useful, they’re found in every single office in the world, so they certainly reach your target market. They’re highly transferable, which means they’ll get passed around to new places and ever-expanding circles, and they’re easy and cheap to brand.


We love branding pens – but to be honest, there are some pretty amazing alternatives out there now, and we think you’ll be blown away by the options! 


Have you stopped to consider your ideal client?

Their needs, wants, activities, hobbies, social environment? Had you thought about the weather where they live, the season? When you look at branding promotional products, it pays to consider where and how those products will be used. This is where our team really gets into gear! We love exploring new, unique, targeted branding ideas that will meet a need and showcase your company in it’s best light!


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