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Tired of seeing those same old posts popping up in your newsfeed? Looking for a company that not only manages social media, but sets trends and pushes boundaries? Look no further! Our GFM Social Media Management team are on point with memes, trends and infographics; and they’ll make sure your online audience is kept well-supplied with original, creative, captivating content!


It’s all about staying in touch.

In touch with your audience, in touch with what’s happening, in touch with your industry trends. When you manage your own business, there’s a lot going on, and industry never sleeps. We know – we’re right in the thick of it! The difference between us and you, is that this is our business, and we love it. You cannot afford to let social media slide because you’re busy, or because you feel like you have nothing important to say. Posting on Facebook, sharing on Twitter, or updating on LinkedIn… it’s all part of the tangled web of Social Media – and it’s all very, very important.


The statistics don’t lie.

As of January 2015, there were over 2.078 billion active social media accounts. That’s a pretty broad reach right there. 1.4 billion of those social media accounts were (at the point of that data collection) held with Facebook – the other accounts were spread across a variety of international online platforms, including Twitter, Google+, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn and many more. Direct marketing on social media works – simply because the reach is huge and the demographic can be isolated so well!


Social media allows you to get a message across to your audience instantly and effectively. Getting the right message to the right people, however, can be slightly more difficult – and this is where we come in.


Social Media not for the masses

There’s simply no point in sending generic messages to every man, woman and their horse. It might get a you a little interest, but chances are you’ll miss your target market, and wind up spending a whole lot of money on a campaign that brings in zero conversions. We don’t want to see you wasting money, and we definitely don’t want to see you losing potential customers! Our Social Media Management Team are experts at targeting the right content to the right audience, across the right platforms!


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within the Asia pacific New Zealand are leaders in social media. How social are you?

if the membership of Facebook were a country it would be the largest country on earth by population. How social are you?