Time to step up your website security?

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Time to step up your website security?

Time to step up your website security?

SSL and what you need to know in 2017

The developers of the world’s favourite web browser, Google Chrome, have recently announced that they will soon be marking sites as “Not Secure” if they don’t carry an SSL certificate.



What is an SSL certificate we hear you ask?

SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer, an encryption technology that creates an encrypted connection between your web server and your visitors' web browser allowing for private information to be transmitted without the problems of eavesdropping, data tampering, and message forgery. The website's server uses a certificate to prove the website's identity to browsers, like Chrome.


This is in line with Googles overriding policy of wanting to “encourage a more secure web”. What it means in short terms is that visitors to your site may not feel as safe as they have in the past and may leave your site in favour of another.


An insecure site currently looks like this:


An insecure site in the near future will look like this:


With an SSL certificate you site can look like this today and in the future:


When will this happen?

As with all things Google, the updates will roll out in stages and we are expecting the first steps to be completed before the end of this month.


You’re probably wondering if your website is unsafe now?

The reality is your site is as safe and as secure as it always has been. This is simply a case of Google pointing out the lack of SSL that has always been there.


Do I need to worry about this?

Short answer, Yes! An SSL certificate will give visitors to your site confidence in you and are less likely to leave and visit you competitors.


I’ve heard that having an SSL certificate can help with my search engine rankings, is that true?

Yes, at this stage the advantage is minor and only one of many factors used to rank your site but every little bit helps.


How can GFM help?

GFM can organise and install an SSL certificate on your website providing you with the extra layer of security now.


If you would like to take advantage an SSL certificate talk to us today and we can schedule your upgrade.


Please feel free to email support@gfmweb.co.nz or phone (09) 972 7611.

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