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Maximising Conversions: The Power Of Touchpoints In Your Digital Marketing

Maximising Conversions: The Power Of Touchpoints In Your Digital Marketing

GFM are at the coalface of digital marketing which means we get to see a lot of data across a wide range of industries and budget levels that relates to user behaviour. The one consistency that we consistently see is the amount of times a potential new customer will interact with your marketing before they reach out for a quote or to make a purchase… It may surprise just how long this may take some people. 

Understanding the Touchpoint Journey

The journey a prospective customer undertakes before reaching out for a quote or making a purchase is multifaceted. It involves a series of interactions with your brand, each touchpoint contributing to the gradual building of brand value and fostering confidence in the customer. They might click on a Facebook post and then visit your website from a Google Ad or your email newsletter, when done correctly each of these interactions or touchpoints can help to build your brand value and give the customer confidence to engage with your product or service directly.


Conversion Paths

Here we can see some users are quick to convert whilst others will take many touch poitns and a number of days beofre they convert to becoming customers.

Conversion Touchpoints


The Facebook Advantage

One of the primary touchpoints in the digital age is the social media giant, Facebook. With its vast user base and sophisticated targeting capabilities, Facebook offers a unique opportunity to connect with potential customers on a personal level. Well-crafted Facebook posts and a perfectly targeted Ad campaign has the potential to capture attention, generate interest, and drive traffic to your website. It serves as the initial handshake, the friendly introduction that sparks curiosity and invites further exploration.


Navigating the Google Ad Maze

Enter Google Ads, a powerhouse in the world of digital advertising. When a user clicks on a Google Ad and lands on your website, a crucial touchpoint is established. This interaction signifies an active interest in your offering, as the user is proactively seeking relevant information about your product or service. Optimising your Google Ads for relevance and ensuring a seamless transition from ad to website is imperative in making this touchpoint a valuable step in the conversion journey.


Crafting Compelling Email Newsletters

Email newsletters, often underestimated, are another indispensable touchpoint in the conversion process. When executed effectively, newsletters have the potential to nurture leads, provide valuable content, and keep your brand at the forefront of the customer's mind all while positioning you as an industry leader. Consistent communication through newsletters builds a relationship, establishing your brand as a reliable source of information and solutions.


The Power of Touchpoints

What sets GFM apart is our understanding of the synergy required among these touchpoints. A customer may first encounter your brand on Facebook, explore your website via a Google Ad, and then subscribe to your newsletter. The seamless integration of these touchpoints creates a cohesive brand narrative, reinforcing key messages and values.


Building Confidence through Consistency

The key to successful touchpoint management lies in consistency. Each interaction should seamlessly align with your brand identity, delivering a unified message that resonates with your target audience. Whether they first encounter your brand on social media, through paid advertising, or in their inbox, the consistency in messaging builds confidence and trust. Some customers will run through this process within a few hours, others may take days or weeks to commit, either way consistency of the messaging is key. 


Conclusion: Embrace the Multifaceted Approach

In the realm of digital marketing, gone are the days of relying on a single channel to engage potential customers. Embrace the multifaceted approach advocated by GFM, where Facebook, Google Ads, and email newsletters work in unison to create a proven touchpoint strategy. By understanding the importance of each interaction in the customer journey, businesses can elevate their digital presence, build brand loyalty, and ultimately maximise conversions.

Partner with GFM, your dedicated ally at the forefront of digital marketing, and unlock the full potential of your brand's touchpoint journey. Together, let's craft a narrative that captivates, engages, and converts. Get Started.


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