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Does your website need a makeover?

Does your website need a makeover?

Websites have a use by date, but how do you know when it’s time is up? 

Just like any other part of your brand experience it is vital that your website it a true and accurate representation of your business and remains appealing to your prospective customers.


In a fast paced world where information is available at your customers fingertips and your website is often the first (and sometimes only) point of contact they will have with you it is key that your messages are on point and the design makes the information easy to find and digest.


With your own companies website in mind have aread through these breif points to work out if you need to take further action. 


You’ve outgrown it

Has your business changed and grown whilst your website has stayed more or less the same? A simple 3 or 4 page site may have been fine when you were first starting our but now it’s time to step up your website game to reflex your larger capabilities. 


Your business messages have changes

Imagine you are a first time customer, does your website accurately reflect your current offering of products and services. Are you key strengths well represented?


Key information is out of date or incorrect. 

This one’s a biggie and more common than you might think, when was the last time you actually read through and updated all the text on your site? Chances are what’s there now is just flat out wrong.


It no longer matches your other branding

Had some new signage for the building done? Tweaked your logo? Added a splash of colour? A good brand is a living breathing entity and chances are your brand has changed over time, has your website branding moved with it?  


You’re not driving traffic to your site, you are embarrassed.

Your website should be the central point of all your marketing and branding, if you and your team aren’t constantly linking back to your site in emails or referring prospective and current client to the information on your site then maybe it’s time to ask why not?


It simply looks outdated

Times changes and the web design industry is no exception. What was the in thing 3 years ago will simply look old and outdated - don’t get left behind.


Visitors aren’t sticking around and the leads are drying up

This one make take a little more focused investigation, have a look the traffic report for your site, are people staying long are they visiting multiple pages and coming back to your site often? No? if you're not sure about your traffic numbers your first port of call should be to request some data from your current website host. 


Rebuild, redesign or just a tune up?

If after reading these points and considering your own site you may be thinking that it’s hopeless and the only course of action is to scrap the whole thing and start from scratch. Don’t panic, not just yet, often a few little tweaks and adjustments are all that’s needed to bring an unloved site back from the dead.


If you’re having any doubts about your site and would like our experts to take a look, then shoot us a quick email and we would be more than happy to help.


Reyburn & Bryant redesign

GFM recently carried out a full site redesign for Reyburn and Bryant. Click and slide the arrows to reveal the before and after.

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