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What you need to know about Rack Cards for your business

What you need to know about Rack Cards for your business

Serve up a taster of your key ideas and services to potential customers within seconds. Great for mail drops, information centres, waiting areas, expos or leaving with new clients, Rack Cards are a powerful marketing tool.


Rack cards bring new business

Any marketing or branding agency worth their salt will be using rack cards to promote their own brand awareness and to drive new business through their doors and GFM is no different, we regularly use rack cards to promote special offers and to educate new clients about our range of products and services. The reason we go back to them on a regular basis is that they are very cost effective, and they get results.


A rack card for every occasion

Rack Cards are a great way to communicate a reasonable amount of info quickly and cheaply to a wide variety of audiences which means they are well suited for a wide variety of audiences from handing out at field days and expos through to a full-on mail drop. At just a few cents each you can leave a potential new client with a physical prompt about what your company has to offer them or inform and existing client about a new service or special deal.


Printed material that lasts

As anyone in the tourism and hospitality sector will tell you rack cards are a vital tool that consistently produces results. Having travelled in my younger days I’ve collected a few rack cards along the way of the places I’ve visited and these remain in pride of place with other treasured mementos and photo albums that get dragged out from time to time and shown to anyone that is foolish enough to show even a passing interest.


Less is more when designing rack cards

Your rack card should be eye catching and easy to read, by limiting your key ideas to the minimum you will increase your impact and effectiveness. Keep your brand at the forefront of your design for easy recognition and have a punching key statement to grab your audience’s attention. If you need to impart more detailed ideas or information on the back of the card and keep key messages for the front.  


Sometimes more is less

Although the saying in design is less is more, in the case of printing it really is a case of more for less. Often doubling your print order only adds a few extra dollars on to the overall cost and this is no different with rack cards so make sure to take advantage of any volume discounts on offer.


Make sure your Rack Cards have the GFM Wow Factor by talking to one of our talented team today!


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