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Did you know that 60% of people use a pen between 5-10 times per day?  It’s no secret that the world is now very tech heavy with iPads and smart phones being a part of our daily routines, yet there is still a very real demand for the simple pen.  From school-aged children to retirees, everyone uses pens in some fashion, that's what makes branded pens so easy - you have a very large population of people that are primed to give your brand free advertising, just by having something they use every day.


Much like professionally designed, high quality business cards promotional pens should have a prime position in your marketing tool kit.  Pens let people know about your brand in a subtle way that isn't heavy-handed or in your face. 


Your business message going the distance

With a branded promotional pen not only do you ensure that your company name and contact details are constantly front of mind with the user, you’ll also find that your pen is shared (and in some cases stolen off a workmates desk – you know you have all done it) and used by multiple potential customers during its lifetime. Most pens have kilometres worth of ink in them so you can be sure your message goes the distance.


Recently I was grocery shopping and was filled with joy to see a bright purple GFM branded pen tied securely to the ticket writing stand in the fruit and veg section. How many people had used this very purple pen during the week/month? Hundreds?  Thousands?  The mind boggles at just how far the reach of this simple pen, that cost under $1, had stretched.


Promotional Pens designed for impact

Here at GFM we offer a huge range of promotional products for businesses to create uniquely branded gifts for clients, staff and potential customers and we love the thrill of seeing beautifully designed products arriving for our clients, yet it’s no secret around our office that the branded pen still remains our number one seller.  Our skilled design team creates hundreds of different pen layouts each month.  Whether you are after a single colour logo printed on an affordable plastic pen to hand out to thousands at your local field days or upcoming expo, or you are after a luxury high quality metal pen, engraved and presented in a beautiful customised box for your top clients, we have pens for every occasion.


You can’t go wrong with choosing a pen as your next promotional product. They are affordable, effective and there are literally thousands of colour options, styles and types to choose from. 


Find out more about the true power behind the pen by talking to the team at GFM – your pen people!


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